Tony vs. Paul

Cross-posted from Tumblr. Originally posted November 16, 2016.

So this video was uploaded to YouTube 10 years ago today.

Tony vs. Paul is a fun stop motion video about a battle/rivalry between friends. It was featured on the frontpage of YouTube during the tail-end of the pre-Google days. The video was fairly popular if I recall… though the “meager” 6.7 million views may imply otherwise. Just goes to show how huge YouTube has gotten in the past decade.

I thought this was the pinnacle of live action stop motion videos. I mean it did everything you possibly could do, right? Jump flying, Gumby sliding, body surfing, the whole works. It was great!

But aside from all that, what really cemented the video in my memory was the music. The song was composed for the video by someone named Christopher Lee Donovan. The video description linked to his MySpace (2006 y’all) where the song was downloadable. I dug the track enough to grab it and toss it onto my MP3 player (2006 y’all?).

And that song stayed on my MP3 player for years. Hell it may still buried in my current player somewhere. I’d always end up listening to it every now and then. Bare in mind my MP3 player also only held 512MB (2006 you get the picture).

I remember playing the track occasionally while cruising in the passenger seat with my buddy going who knows where. We were 16, getting our first taste of “freedom” and all that, but probably just doing something mundane. Of course I linked him the video too, probably over AIM or something. The song and video have ended up becoming quite nostalgic to me is what I’m trying to say here.

Of course, MySpace is a ruin of its past self now, and has been for several years. Pretty sure they removed the ability to download songs from their embedded music player forever ago. So that MP3 is just GONE.

…… OR IS IT?!?!? So I was going through some old computer files the other week and I think I found the original MP3 file I downloaded from the MySpace page forever ago, in all its 160kbps glory. So I’m sharing it with YOU! TODAY! Wow, right? Wow. Here’s the link.

So um, I didn’t expect this little “tribute” post or whatever to become this long but it kinda did. What else to say besides, uh… happy anniversary to Tony vs. Paul… a ~YouTube classic~!