Hunter × Hunter GIFs

A collection of random old Hunter × Hunter pixel GIFs grabbed from random old GeoCities pages (among others). I'm not sure who made some of them. They're probably from some obscure Japanese homepages from 20 years ago. If you can find something out, please let me know!

These seem to have been created by a user named sougetu. A few were collected from outside sources due to not being archived (hhdot12, hhdot17, hhdot27).

via junba.
Seems they uploaded a couple .zips with the full sets at one point, but they weren't saved. Dang.

This site had TONS of these, most of which are lost. I didn't even include everything that *was* saved here.

via andevil.
Again, bunch of missing stuff, including .zips.

Missing: i_quoll.gif, i_ubo-.gif

via Spiders Union.
Missing: mihiso.gif

From an old fansite Judgements and Trials.

via NO TRIX.

via korutopi.
The last one (tobuke_01.gif) seems to have been corrupted.

Created by pure (プレ) in 2010.
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