The NES games that I collect

For practically my whole life I've been playing the "Nintendo Entertainment System" or "NES" for short - or as most people call it, the "regular Nintendo." Not quite Super, the NES is the Clark Kent of Nintendo consoles. He doesn't have a processor faster than a speeding bullet, his graphics weren't more powerful than a locomotive, he can't eject game cartridges over tall buildings in a single bound. Strip all that away and it's just him and his job, and Clark Kent gets the job done, bad eyesight or not.

Why, ever since I was two, I was attempting to save a damsel in distress from a giant gorilla who chucks barrels at me. I would jump-kick the crap outta Rocksteady, jump over the highest jumping Bowsers, and stuff my face with food to sustain life in the fast-digesting lands of Adventure Island. Nothing could stop me from reaching the sinister Dr. Wily, but for a simple ladder that hung from the ceiling far out of reach. Little hockey players from the game Blades of Steel would give me nightmares, as they would skate out of the livingroom TV, and skate around in circles on my bedroom floor. Those creepy little hockey men. I hate them so. But such great games of hockey they would play for me.

I don't know exactly when I decided to start collecting the games. Well, I've been sporadically picking them up in flea markets across the land. But when I actually said to myself "Hey self, I'm collecting these things" I don't know. I picked up the pace at about age 13, going from one plastic drawer full of gray cartridges to two. I enjoyed this console quite. For a time of my youth, it was my only console. That was until I got a Super Nintendo at I think the age of 5. But that life story is one for another page.

But not everything with a pretty cover means a pretty book. While a good deal of games I find are pretty nice, there's stinkers out there too. Stinkers that stink of sun-dried bologna. But there are also overlooked games. To maybe add some substance to this... thing here, I present to you: Superb but overlooked games that you must play or I will eat you.

Other (soon to be) stuff:

Mariooo (in all his 8-bit tabled glory)

The games I owned as a youth and their rarity and stuff.

Balloon Fight - a helium-filled battle of wits

The Megaman Page(s)

Survey thing

And there you have it. A page about crap you probably don't care about - like green ketchup. Mostly truth, a little not. You know, some false seasoning to kick up the zest. That zesty zest we love so much. So will be the basis of "Koombaiachi." You know, if it ever gets off the ground. But until then, I shall continue dreaming of the little hockey men circling my bedside. Those creepy little hockey men.