Megaman 1

All right, here it is. The beginning of a journey that would launch a thousand sequels and a thousand spin-offs in a thousand different worlds in a thousand different time periods. This is Megaman. The original. And he's here, and he's... yellow?

Heya folks.

Yes, this is a chunk of the box art that started a revolution gaming history. A middle aged guy in semi-spandex clothing. It's you're high school principal who decided to become a savior of the world. The look of confusion, yet determination is apparent on his face as he stands in the opposite direction of the evil-looking space castle, which is presumed to be the place he needs to be to save the world. It's like the guy was busy being heroic, when all of a sudden, the paparazzi appears behind him, sneaking in pictures any chance they could. It just goes to show you that anyone can be a hero with the right mindset.

Wherever Mr. Artist Guy found yellow in Megaman's design, it surely wasn't in the game -- unless it was Elecman's power equipped, and even then there's no blue. Just about everything is crooked with this man in the picture. His helmet is twisted in what seems to be too far left, while the yellow helmet-hawk on the top of his head is too far right. And whatever's going on to make him do that painful-looking squat/split hybrid with his legs, it surely doesn't look comfortable. And who knows what those yellow orb-like things are scattered across the ground. They kind of look like metallic space clams. Space clams who didn't want to get their picture taken for this box art, so they hid inside their 24 carat gold shells for the photo shoot.

There seems to be explosions going on in the background. Perhaps Mega Middle-Aged Man already conquered Wily's fortress, and is now running away from the destruction, and returning home? The look of disgust on his face, he thinks back and regrets doing something he regrets doing. Or perhaps the world didn't trust a 42-year-old in a blue and yellow jump suit to save the planet - so they just sent out some planes to bomb the place, as Megaman says to the camera "aw shucks."

Oh well. At least Wily has some decorative tacky glowing neon palm trees to liven up the place.