Megaman 2

Megaman 2 is possibly the most famous of the Megaman games, and rightfully so. It does what a sequel should do - improve. Music, graphics, all of that have been upped the awesome. It also introduced us to some of the more quirky Robot Masters.

Robot Masters such as WoodMan.
Woodman is a husky robot who enjoys watching leaves fall and pounding his chest like King Kong. Apparently, Dr. Wily didn't have enough metal to cover Woodman's body, so he went out and picked up a rotten log in his back yard and gave it life. Wood, easily flammable, is possibly the worst thing to protect your robot killer servants with. Why not make Dairy Man whose body is made of pure cheddar? His arms and legs are black, so he could possibly be wearing a sweatsuit under that wooded plating.

You also have BubbleMan, a chubby little scuba diver who flaps his arms around in his little tank. He shoots miniature torpedoes at you while the ever devastating bubbles bounce around into your path. Apparently, Wily added the technology of the average superball from a 25 cent vending machine into Bubbleman's bubble launching cannon.

Bubbleman was originally just a house cleaning robot for Wily, like Roll is for Dr. Light. Bubbleman was the soap dispenser for fellow robots Paper Towel Man and Scrub Brush Man. Created from a spare scuba suit and a container of Mr. Bubble, he was never planned to be a blood thirsty killer. But when times got tough, and Wily was all out of parts for new robots, the fearsome Bubbleman was called into duty. He wasn't much of a fighter. But he tried.

And then you have the rest of the Robot Masters. Quickman, who enjoys spending his free time running into walls. Airman, who has a fan/reverse blender for a mouth. Heatman, a giant stoned Zippo lighter -- and others.

megaman 2 boxart

Now the box here, while much much better than the first game, is still awkward. Just look at Megaman's right foot, angled in an incredibly uncomfortable-looking position. For ages, I've wondered how he did that. Why he did that. How he can possibly be comfortable doing that. I guess he just has to duck down to avoide hitting his head off of his logo that Crashman threw at him.

Here in the picture we have Quickman smuggly dodging a laser beam shot by Megaman and his laser pistol, which he decided to take with him just in case Cottage Cheese Man clogged his arm cannon. Unfortunately, this was the case as Megaman didn't have his weakness since Liquid Nitrogen Man was nowhere to be found after his lair crumbled down around him after leaning against a wall.

Someone who appears to be Dr. Light himself sends Crashman to go out on a crashing rampage on Megaman. His drill-fists in the air, he's pumped and primed. I suppose you could say he's about to crash Megaman's party. Aha ha ha haaaa. Ha. Megaman also better watch out, since he's one step away from slipping off that ledge and into a raging pool of flowing lava below. The ladder appears to be going directly into the lava - clearly another magnificent trap by Dr. Wily. To anyone who can't see the climbing device end abruptly into a flood of molten rock three feet down, it'll be curtains for 'em. Coitans I say.

There also seems to be one of those gargantuan floating-orbs-on-a-stick that you saw in Bombman's level in the last game. Perhaps Megaman 2 takes place in the same area as Megaman 1 did? Why, this could quite possibly be Fireman's base Megaman is dragging his limp foot through.