Animated NES CHR Banks

To create animated background elements in late-era NES games, developers used a technique called "bank switching". By rapidly swapping certain chunks of graphics data in and out of memory, while the coordinates of said graphics elements are rendered on-screen, it creates a convincing animation effect. Here I've assembled those graphics banks into singular images, colorized them, and animated them into GIFs.
(Inspired by a tweet by @eggboycolor)

Batman: Return of the Joker
Sunsoft, 1991
Nine 32x128 banks
1x | 3x

THE KING. The water and moving chains on the bottom-right are unused, along with some of the flashing lights on the left.

Bucky O'Hare
Konami, 1992
Two 128x64 banks
1x | 3x

Sunsoft, 1992
Five 32x128 banks
1x | 3x

Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Sunsoft, 1990
Six 64x128 banks
1x | 3x

The bubbling lava tiles on the left are unused.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master
Capcom, 1990
Two 128x64 banks
1x | 3x

The moon tiles aren't consistent, but the graphics don't animate in the part of the level where it appears, so you wouldn't notice it.

Natsume, 1991
Two 128x64 banks
1x | 3x

The Japanese verion, Solbrain, has a different level. Its unique tiles are stagnant, whereas they're aniamted in Shatterhand.

Tiny Toon Adventures
Konami, 1991
One 128x64 bank
1x | 3x

The two filler blocks (one in top-left corner, the other filled with X's) were left grayscale. The jutting pointy platform on the right is unused.

Capcom, 1989
One 128x128 bank
1x | 3x

I believe the treasure chest is unused, and I didn't see a suitable palette, so I left it grayscale...